L300C Manual Patient Lift

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The lightweight design of this manual lift provides easy set up and transport. This economical lifter have all functions you need for patient lifting. The ergonomic design also ensures comfort for the resident and the caregiver.

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Padded 360°Hanger Bar
The swivel action allows the patient to be positioned at ANY ANGLE. Six-point attachment allows multiple sling types.

Hydraulic Pump
Manual hydraulic lifting system requires little force for heavy lifting. Never need to charge batteries again.

Soft Grip Handle
The non-slip & soft grip push handles are designed with users comfort and safety in mind.

Adjustable Base
Extended shifter handle enables easy and quick opening and closing of the lift base.

Lockable Castors
The rear castors can be locked to keep the lift stationary when unused.

Height at Sling Hook Up (Max)

1461 mm / 57.5”

Height at Sling Hook Up (Min)

356mm / 14”

Base Height (Furniture Clearance)

127 mm / 5”

Weight of Lift

31kg / 69lb

Weight Capacity (Safe Working Load)

200kg / 450lb

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