L205 Standard Trapeze Bar

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The standard trapeze bar can assist patients with getting up from the bed. With a safe working load of 150 lb, the trapeze bar can support patients weighing up to 250 lb (The trapeze bar will support partial body weight).

L205T PDAC Letter

L205B PDAC Letter

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Adjustable Grab Bar
The position of the grab bar can be moved forward or back to provide the best grab position for the patient.

Adjustable Height
The height of the trapeze bar can be adjusted to suit the bed height.

Height at Grab Bar (Max)

1350mm / 53.1”

Height at Grab Bar (Min)

1160mm / 45.7”

Base Height (Furniture Clearance)

70mm / 2.8”

Base Width (Between the legs)

700mm / 27.6”

Weight Capacity (Safe Working Load)

68 kg / 150 lb

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