B730 – Hospital Bed

The ergonomically designed hospital bed is built with full functionality. Together with the robust structure and sturdy bed rails, the bed is capable of handling high demands in all hospital environments. Hospital features such as a double-sided CPR release and a full central locking system enable easy operation for healthcare professionals. Top quality LINAK actuators and electronics for performance and reliability.

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Fixed Position Head Board
The headboard position is fixed to allow easier access for healthcare professionals tending the patient.

Soft Lowering Bed Rail With Nurse Controls
Easy to operate bed rails with damper design and built-in nurse controls.

Removable Bed Deck
Quality composite deck boards can be easily removed and cleaned.

Quick Release Bed Ends
Quality head and foot boards are designed with a quick mounting system.

Large Caster and Multiple Brake Functions
6″ casters with multiple central locking levers. The caster can also be put into a directional lock.

Built-in Length Extension
The platform can be extended from 80” to 84” or 88” in length without any additional tools.

Full Central Locking System
The bed is equipped with full central locking system with easy access pedals.

Double-sided CPR System
A CPR lever is fitted on each side of the backrest for emergency lowering.

Bed Level

15.7" – 30.7"

Backrest Angle

0º – 65º

Kneebreak Angle

0º – 35º


± 17°

Heel Lift Adjustment


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